The Power Grid – Dumb Or Smart?

The California Institute of Technologies have identified the control limit and target date for world emissions. They observe that we used 13 Trillion watts of electricity in 2000 which usage will double to 26 Trillion watts by 2050! We are doubling our utilization of our dumb grid but we’re not able to manage to permit the doubling of the quantity of CO2 within the atmosphere. We badly require a Smart Grid! We are able to help by turning our Dumb commute right into a Smart commute. Get smart by staring at the miles per charge, speed, comfort, and utilitarian style of a contemporary Electric Moped! Begin to see the link below. Grid energy today is a sixth what gasoline would cost. That’s Smart!

The issue is how to prevent the doubling of CO2 while allowing India, China yet others to build up while during the same time frame interval, we have to globally lessen the worlds CO2 emissions by eighty percent, before 2050! Our record isn’t good. We were able to triple emissions between 2000 and 2006. Friedman claims that we would need to build 13000 new nuclear plants, about one daily, before 2050, simply to maintain our current rate of monetary growth. Nuclear isn’t the answer.

The present Dumb energy grid in america is an accumulation of monopolies, in your area sized, and controlled condition by condition. There’s little integration regionally, prices systems are prehistoric, and there’s NO communication between a person, his home, or his transportation with this grid. That is only the way our presently Dumb grid became of evolve. In similar fashion, you evolved inside your transportation needs. While you increased up, you had been trained to believe that the noise, smoke, acceleration and speed of the vehicle was fun, clever and necessary. Our very own ‘dumbness’ props up Dumb grid system. Reconsider! Watch the Chevrolet Volt Unveiling video indexed by the attached links below!

Al Gore has noticed that the present inexpensive or our dumb grid energy doesn’t reflect the real global cost. Our electrons came from coal, gas, and oil generators whose pollutants have caused bronchial asthma, acidity rain, smog, deforestation, lack of bio-diversity, petro-dictatorships who sponsor terrorism, and climatic change.

We want and wish clean energy, cheap and reliable, from NON- CO2 sources!! 40% people emissions range from manufacture of electricity utilized in structures. 30% people emissions come from transportation. Electrification via cleanly created electrons for transportation and structures will be a 70% part of the best direction.