The Perfect Limo Solutions That You Can Go for Now

The rental price of a limo depends on different factors as well as actually the cost to rent a car and that is why the price range sees a cost ranging from $ 120 to $ 975 per hour. Let’s see together what the elements that determine this wide fluctuation in the cost per hour of a Oakville Limo.

Vehicle Type

The rental cost per hour is determined primarily by the type of vehicle. By choosing a standard limousine the average price is $ 120-180 / h, while by opting for models with a larger capacity and more luxurious the cost can quickly increase. Suffice it to say that some rental services even offer a limousine with a swimming pool, considered one of the most luxurious vehicles currently available on the market.

Day of the Week and Time

The hourly rate also changes depending on the day of the week in which the rental is requested and the time slot in which the service is needed. Generally, limousine rentals booked for the weekend and in the evening have a higher average cost.

Requested Services

The overall cost also changes based on the services requested. In addition to the limousine, rental companies also offer additional services, such as bottles of spirits. Although these services do not increase the hourly rental price, they will increase the overall expense.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Limo for a Wedding?

It has been said that marriage is one of the occasions when the limousine is in greatest demand. During the preparations, the future spouses will have to find out how much it costs to rent a limousine for a wedding, to understand if they can afford the expense without having to give up anything they have thought of for the most important day of their life.

Location: The cost of renting a limo might vary widely depending on where you are. When it comes to special occasions or vacations, automobile service may be more expensive than in the province. To put it another way, automobile service to large airports will likely be more expensive than the same service at smaller airports.

Keeping the car clean increases costs, as does fixing damage to the inside, exterior, or vehicle’s windows. The price is dependent on the damage’s severity. If repairs are required, consumers will be billed for the full amount of the damage.

You can bring your own beverages or have the limousine operator supply drinks for an extra price. Many limos include a bar inside which may also require a supplement. Irresponsible client conduct is the driver’s fault. Minors drinking in limos are subject to “zero tolerance” standards at limo firms.

Payment: To hire a limo, you must be at least 18 years old in most states. The majority of businesses demand a down payment of up to 50% of the agreed-upon commission. To avoid paying twice for the same service, agree whether you’ll tip the driver using a credit card or with cash when the journey is over.

Save money by having your special event on a weekday. Weekdays from Monday through Thursday tend to be the most affordable unless there is a large event taking place in the city. Because companies desire to keep their trucks moving, booking during the off-season on midweek days may result in lower prices.