Mauritius – a fabulous island

We went on a trip to Mauritius to take refuge and avoid the frosty days of winter this December.

3.30 p.m : We get off the plane. A lack of air makes us breathless. The airport reports 90% humidity in the air. Barely time to catch our breath, the hotel’s transfer car is already there. Despite the air conditioning, we sweat in our warm winter clothes.

We arrive at Anahita, one of the best luxury hotels in Mauritius, and discover a magical, calm and peaceful place. It’s official, we’re on vacation. After a site visit, cocktails in hand, we run to put on our swimsuits to jump into the swimming pool, the temperature of which hardly cools us, as our bodies are hot.

First evening in our little paradise. We take advantage of the sunset to stroll along the beach, our feet in the soft, almost hot sand. The sun gently caresses our face, and reflects its orange glow on our skin.

A little later, a light breeze allows us to breathe again. Barely time to look at each other, the sea recedes to make way for low tide. A carpet of pretty shells appears in front of us, with bluish and pink reflections.

It’s almost night already, the torches that adorn the villa bring us back to the light. We go to have some wine, before going to eat delicious seafood prepared by the villa staff.

The place, simply lit by candlelight, offers us such a romantic setting, and a panorama of the sea. The sound of the waves rocks us, and sings the choirs with soft music of dry guitar. After our feast, we go to bed calm, admiring the thousand and one bright stars in the sky.

A revival under the original and unusual song of small exotic birds, a day under the theme of idleness is announced. We are torn between the desire to bask in the sun and that of taking refuge in the shade as it burns us. Sometimes by the pool, sometimes on the beach, we take advantage of this heat which seems unreal to us in the middle of December.

Every day, we walk around and discover new paths, new landscapes, and meet happy animals living in the middle of the luxuriant vegetation.

10 days later. It’s already time to say goodbye to the Island of Beauty. We dip our feet one last time in the warm, lucid sea, before putting on our winter clothes, saying goodbye to the Mauritians and getting back on the plane.

Mauritius, we will miss you!