Exploring the streets of Toronto

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If you’ve been trying desperately to wander again but can’t risk boarding a flight, this is your chance. You’ll be guided by our 6 tips to allow yourself experience a quick trip to Toronto in the comfort of your own home on the weekend. 

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1. Cook a recipe that Toronto is known for 

It may surprise you to learn that Toronto is famous for its veal sandwiches. If you really want to experience as if you’re touring Toronto without making the trip there, you’ll need to consider making one of these flavorful meat-focused sandwiches. Toronto is home to a long list of excellent restaurants, each serving cuisine from all over the world. 

Fine ground beef patties, deep fried until crispy, covered with a gremolata filling of sliced parsley and garlic, the zest of two lemons, and a good pinch of tomato sauce, all squished into an Italian wrap. This tasty will suddenly move you to the sidewalks of Toronto past midnight after a wonderful night out in the city with your colleagues. 

What’s the good thing about making this mouthwatering sandwich? It’s quick and easy! You really do not need to be a professional or even actually cook anything other than boiling hot water. All you’ll need are only a few ingredients and just a few minutes of your time. So, get cooking, as we’ve got together all ingredients you need to start loving the splendid flavors of Toronto instantly. 

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2. Set the scene with a city map print 

Are you really a die-hard fan of Toronto? Therefore, a Toronto City map print is part of a collection of Canada Map Art and  is the perfect way to tell how much you adore this amazing city. Display a map print on your interior to remind you of the moments you’ve established there. This Toronto city map print comes in various color schemes: bright and bold, or black, white, and grey. 

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3. Get cozy with a comfy throw blanket 

During the winter season, it should come as no surprise that Toronto can be cold. Bring out your favorite throw blankets to add a touch of the Toronto vacation vibe. Alternatively, use this opportunity to buy yourself a new one. They’re extremely comfortable and easy to coordinate with any home design. 

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4. Stream a film set in streets of Toronto 

It has always been a great way to spend the weekend at home with a comfortable throw blanket in a cold weather and a movie night with a great film set in none other than Toronto. As the “Hollywood of the North” it’s not difficult to find a film set in the streets of this beautiful city. Choose one of these classics to watch at home during your Toronto-inspired weekend: Last Night (1998), Owning Mahowny (2003), Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), or The F Word (2013), and then you’ll be magically transported into the city of Toronto. 

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5. Treat yourself to something classically Toronto 

As you’ve already saved some money on plane tickets for this Toronto-inspired weekend getaway, treat yourself to something truly Canadian: some high-quality maple syrup. It is dark in color, nutty in flavor, and ideal for pouring on anything and everything. It is delicious and tasty. Mix it into a cocktail rather than a simple syrup and turn any drink into a bitterly cold experience. In the morning, coat it over some buckwheat pancakes for a filling breakfast. Alternatively, sprinkle it over confit duck legs for the ideal dinner that any Torontonian would be fond of. 

It is less expensive to travel with friends, and it is also more enjoyable to plan an exceptional weekend getaway with peers. Bring your coziest blankets, your preferred Toronto-themed treats, and some friends who’d rather enjoy staying in and implying to be in Toronto with you. The friends you share this experience with are the cherry on the cake, no matter how you want to make your weekend special.