4 Helpful Tips to Ensure Best northern lights vacations

Best northern lights vacations refer to the colorful lights transforming and forming the natural phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis. It occurs from solar winds highly charged electrons with atmospheric elements in combination with the North Pole region. 

4 Tips to ensure the best Northern Lights Vacation

1. Timing

Planning a holiday for northern lights indicates the timing is crucial.  It appears every year and every month, but the need is to have darkness to view the best northern lights vacations.  The northern lights season begins at the September beginning and ends in the month of mid-April. The days get shorter in late august and it gets lucky at night that one can view the lights. The stay of your length should be taken into consideration and it often appears for 2-3 days and so it is recommended to increase the chances for 4-5 days.

2. Plan for winter

Plan your visit for a winter holiday to Iceland as it is thebest northern lights vacations. You can enjoy the lots that the country offers. Choosing a self drive or a tour ensures you enjoy the unspoiled nature, the sites and the views. The bonus is the northern lights and it is recommended to bear in mind the daylight hours. The fewest daylight hours and months are December and January. It gives you time to hunt for lights in the darkness.

3. Assess the Forecast

Watch the northern lights forecast by looking for light green or white patches. Look for areas that have no cloud coverage. It is worthy to look at the sky, when you can view the stars and it appears clear. See the stars, but if you are fortunate there are chances for the lights to show.

4. Plan Self-Drive Tours

Some people hunt and self drive to watch the best northern lights vacations.  People should enjoy the aurora, but remember the road condition during winter in Iceland is dangerous and difficult, especially beyond the countryside. It will have blizzards, snow and slippery roads.  You can also opt to take a bus tour or go with a private or super jeep tour. Any combo tour is also a wonderful option to enjoy the northern lights.


  • Stay for 4-5 days, choose winter months, dark days for better view,  go through Aurora forecast but do not rely on it completely, choose a suitable hunt, plan your holiday it has to offer  as watching northern lights is a bonus and nature is a luxury.