How to Fall in Love with Red Rocks and Its Surroundings

According to Billboard, in 2021 it was the venue with the highest number of attendees and the most revenue of any location on the planet. Rolling Stone magazine has dubbed it the “best outdoor amphitheatre” in the United States. It has received praise from several illustrious figures in the world of music, including Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, and the Beatles. And there are many of music lovers who will fondly recall their first time seeing a performance at Red Rocks.

The fame of Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre may precede it, but there is no substitute for seeing this acoustically perfect and naturally gorgeous miracle of ochre sandstone for oneself. The amphitheatre, which has been recognised as a National Historic Landmark by both the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior, is a popular destination not just for those who live in Colorado but also for visitors from all over the globe. It is just 15 miles away from Denver, and the Red Rocks Shuttle is where the adventure begins. The shuttle departs from Denver Union Station and provides round-trip choices. Make arrangements to go to a concert, a movie, a walk, a restaurant, or to indulge your fascination with history. We defy you not to be captivated by its exquisite beauty. At the red rocks in utah you can expect a lot more.

Experience A Red Rocks Concert

The journey from your parking place to your seat in the theatre is an integral part of the experience. Put on some shoes that are comfy since there will be some minor trekking involved, and you can anticipate some great sights along the route. (However, if you are unable to make the journey by foot, it is simple to make arrangements to have someone drop you off at the top entrance.)

 Get That Heart Beating Fast!

In addition, the City of Denver maintains a park at Red Rocks, which is accessible to tourists beginning one hour before dawn and continuing for one hour after sunset. Simply being there will cause your heart rate to increase, but if that isn’t enough for you, attempt hiking the Trading Post path or completing the Red Rocks path on foot, mountain bike, or horseback. These are all great ways to get your heart rate up. Both routes allow hikers to experience the breathtaking geology, pine forests, floral meadows, animals, and vistas of the park. There is also the possibility of joining the determined locals who come to the amphitheatre in order to get a good leg workout by running up and down the stone stairs. You might also try doing downward dog at Yoga on the Rocks, which has the most awe-inspiring vista ever. 

On days when there is a concert scheduled, the amphitheatre may shut as early as 2:00 p.m.; thus, it is important to check the calendar.

Dive Into The History Of The Red Rocks!

The massive sandstone outcroppings that make up the walls of Red Rocks Amphitheatre are older than Niagara Falls and are a part of the geological Fountain Formation, which was formed some 280 million years ago. They are also taller than the falls itself. Red Rocks did not begin its history as a concert venue until the early 1900s, when John Brisben Walker built up a temporary stage amid the rocks. Believe it or not, the Rolling Stones were not yet in existence at this time.