Choosing the Right Tastes for the Parties

Taste Canowindra Blog: August 2015

For parties to create the playlist, consult the kids and consider the musical taste of each one. It is worth including current songs to make the party very lively, but there are some classic June songs, especially when it comes to the gang. You need to practice well.

Who agrees that the best part of the June party is the delicacies? Some thematic recipes are enough to set the mood and kill the desire to go to a fair, such as cornmeal cake with guava, sweets with peanuts and lots of popcorn.


We got to what really matters, don’t we, children? Write down the following tips to set up the most disputed stall of the June party there in your backyard or in your own living room. It’s even worth making “tokens” for each attraction and distributing gifts to the winners.


The fish can be made with disposable cups or jars, finishing the details of the eyes and mouth with a pen. You can also use felt or cardboard to cut out the shape of the fish. For hook and hook with magnet at the end, use wire or clips. If you want to simplify even more, put plastic or rubber fish in a bowl and improvise the net with a kitchen sieve. You can hire the Party Bus Toronto in this case.

Hit the can

After separating cans of the same size (very clean and without sharp parts), it is worth covering them or creating fun paintings to decorate them. Use a sock or rubber ball to drop the cans. Just aim well.

  • Secret box Make a hole in a cardboard box where the child should put his hand to try to guess by touch one of the hidden objects inside.
  • Ring Make holes in cardboard plates, transforming them into rings. The pins can be painted and decorated rolls of paper towels, aluminum or toilet paper or bottles filled with water, to make them heavier and not fall off easily.
  • Skip the fire Separate some rolls of paper towel or aluminum to simulate the wood and invest in cellophane papers in shades of red and yellow for the fire. Then just prepare the best jump.
  • Target shooting Cut different sized holes in a cardboard box and paint the scores for each one. The holes must be compatible with the ball used in the game and the child’s age. The bigger the target, the easier.

Grab the piglet Fill your bladders and draw piglets on each one. Delimit an area, place all the balloons there and release the small one in the middle of the “corral”.

Clown’s mouth Separate empty gallons of water or cardboard boxes and cut large mouths in them

The goal is to hit the improvised balls with aluminum foil or magazine clippings in the hole, or better, in the clown’s mouth.

Egg in the spoon

If you don’t have a yard, avoid dirt and waste by exchanging the egg for a bladder with water, for example. It is just a matter of balance to cross a path without dropping the object from the spoon, which must be carried in the mouth. The messages don’t necessarily have to be for flirting. Cut out paper hearts to be filled by the little ones with drawings or affectionate messages to be sent to friends or family.